Tarrytown Fire Department

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2015 Officers

Department Officers 2015 - 2016


Terence Murphy is a life-long Tarrytown resident recently elected to fulfill the position of Chief of the Tarrytown Fire Department. Mr. Murphy joined the Department in December of 1993, following in the footsteps of his father Jim (ex-captain of Phenix Hose), uncle Jack (ex-chief of TFD), and grandfather Paul (associate member of Riverside Hose). He has accumulated a great deal of expertise in firefighting by responding to numerous incidents over the past 20 years. He also has extensive training in all firefighting disciplines and is a long time member of the Westchester County Technical Rescue Team.

As a member of Washington Engine Co. 2 Mr. Murphy has held the positions of captain, lieutenant, secretary, warden, director, chief driver and assistant chief driver. He was also a key member of the Tower Ladder 78 truck committee and serves as a Department trainer and FAST team leader. He has been a member of Marine 5 and Marine 31 since 1994, serving as a boat crew member and driver. He also is a Utility 61 member and driver in the Department. As part of the Westchester County Technical Rescue Team, he serves as a rescue technician and apparatus driver (R77/U77). His knowledge of the rescue disciplines should be a great asset to the Department as the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge commences over the next few years.

Personally Mr. Murphy is a licensed Professional Engineer with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College and an M.B.A in Finance and Management from Pace University. He has extensive experience in nuclear power, the building construction industry and municipal water supply operations. He currently serves as the Regional Manager for NYC Environmental Protection, overseeing the Kensico regional operation of the NYC water supply system. He has been actively involved in his community for many years as a youth baseball coach, ACE mentor, Lyceum Club member, Past Master of Solomon's Lodge #196 Free and Accepted Masons,and a Village committee member. He resides in town with his wife Sheila, a holistic health coach, and his daughter Maeve.

First Assistant Chief: KELLY MURPHY

Kelly M. Murphy is a lifelong resident of the Village of Tarrytown. She was born and raised in the community that she now serves proudly as a member of the Tarrytown Fire Department and as the current 1st Assistant Chief. Kelly joined the Tarrytown Fire Department in August of 2003 and will be celebrating her 12th year with the department. She has served as Captain (3 years), Lieutenant (3 years), member of the Standard Operating Guideline Committee and she also has served as a Lieutenant and a Yeoman on the Department's Marine 5 unit. Kelly has gone through many fire training courses and continues to do so even as a current Assistant Chief. She has been a company training officer for several years and continues to support her company officers with training's and drills. Professionally, Kelly works for the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) as a Middle School Physical Education/Health Teacher in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education, a Master's Degree in Health Education and continues to take classes to further her knowledge in her profession. Kelly also teaches swimming, is a lifeguard and birthday party coordinator for the "Family YMCA at Tarrytown" and also is one of the Camp Director's for the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Day Camp.

Second Assistant Chief: DAVID GOLDSTEIN

Dave Goldstein is a lifelong resident of the Village of Tarrytown and recently elected to the office of Second Assistant Chief. Dave joined the Tarrytown Fire Department in April of 2004 and just celebrated his 11th year with the department. His father, Robert, is a 50 year life active member of Consolidated Engine Company where Dave and his sister, Alicia, are also members. He is also an associate member of Riverside Hose Company. Dave has served as Captain, Lieutenant, Standard Operating Guideline Chairman, Board of Directors Member, Department Training Officer, and Truck Committee Member. He has an extensive fire training background and has been a company training officer for several years as well. Professionally, Dave works in the Human Resources department for a nationwide health care company based in Tarrytown. He holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and is currently working on his professional certification is Human Resources Management.





 Washington Engine 
Hope Hose  Conqueror H&L
Scott Toth  Robert Smith Gerald Barbelet
James Kovacs Frank Giampiccolo  Patsy Miscioscia
 Consolidated Engine  Phenix Hose  Riverside Hose 
 Sean Scogna Sr.
Frank Morabito  
Patrick Derivan
 Robert Goldstein
Domenic Morabito
Miguel Valle

Washington Engine   Hope Hose  Conqueror H&L
William H. Logan Sr.
Fred Gross
John McGee

 Consolidated Engine Phenix Hose Riverside Hose 
Sean Scogna Sr. 
Frank Morabito   Patrick Derivan
 Eugene Gasparre
Domenic Morabito Michael Coffey Jr.
    William Logan Jr. 

James Kovacs

Domenic Morabito 
Robert Hoyt Jr.
Ray Touhy
Frank Morabito 
Chris Garcia
Ariel Hilario

James Kovacs  
Frank Giampiccolo
Bill Billings
 Robert Goldstein
Bill Jamison
David Cova

  Bob Errico
Jim Maloney
  Ed Dalton
 Armondo Scogna
Ray Artus
Daryl Lindsay Sr.

Michael Coffey Jr.
Bill Maher
 John Pardo
Nikolai Kabelev

Michael Coffey Jr.
Chris Vacca
 Jamie Valencia
Nikolai Kabelev

Michael Coffey, Sr.


CHAPLAIN (Non Denominational)
Clarice Pollack

Craig Allan

Company Officers 2015 - 2016

Washington Engine
Hope Hose
 Bryan Meade, Captain Henry Molona, Captain 
John Pardo, 1st Lt
Chris Vacca, 1st Lt.
 Nikolai Kabelev, 2nd Lt. Bill Maher, 2nd Lt.
William H. Logan Sr., 3rd Lt.  
Edward Walker, Chief Driver
Scott Weaver, Chief Driver
Wayne Jeffers Sr., Asst. Chief Driver
Fred Gross, Asst. Chief Driver
 Vincent Sampieri, Secretary
Bill Maher, Secretary
ConqueroR Hook & Ladder Consolidated Engine  
James Reilly, Captain  Sean Scogna Jr., Captain
Richard Miscioscia, 1st Lt. Charles Boyce, 1st Lt.
Michael Usher, 2nd Lt. Alicia Goldstein, 2nd Lt.
Thomas Lipping, 3rd Lt.  
Brett Enax, 3rd Lt.  
Patsy Miscioscia, Chief Driver
Sean Scogna Sr., Chief Driver
Ricky Tucci, Asst. Chief Driver
Robert Scogna, Asst. Chief Driver
Kevin Lustyik, Secretary
Steve Mustacchi, Secretary
Phenix Hose   Riverside Hose 
Frank Morabito, Captain Chris Garcia, Captain
 Domenic Morabito., 1st Lt. Junior Alcantara, 1st Lt.
 Anthony Arduino, 2nd Lt. Carlos Zhaney, 2nd Lt. 

Ariel Hilario, 3rd Lt.  
William Jamieson, Chief Driver 
Patrick Derivan, Chief Driver 
Frank Morabito, Asst. Chief Driver 
Miguel Valle, Asst. Chief Driver 
  William Logan Jr., 2nd Asst. Chief Driver
Ken Muller, Secretary
Manny Busto, Secretary
Fire Boat 5 Utility 61
William H. Logan Sr., Captain Jodie Williams, Captain
William Maher, 1st Lt. AJ Ibarra,1st Lt.
Nikolai Kabelev, 2nd Lt. Nikolai Kabelev, 2nd Lt.
Michael Coffey Jr., Yeoman Miguel Valle, Chief Driver
Ariel Hilario, Medical Officer
Frank Morabito, Chief Driver


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