Tarrytown is an ALL Volunteer Department

Wear Our PPE

We are a 100% Volunteer Department, like the majority of the neighborhoods in Westchester. There is no time table or schedule; you respond when you wish to or when you can. You will know when you are needed as the Village Horn will sound, additionally you may have a pager giving a message with details of the type of emergency, locations and the units requested to respond.

Any village of Tarrytown resident or resident of the Fire District, or person that spends their primarily working day in the Village, provided they are seventeen years old or over. One of the many benefits to becoming a member is the knowledge that you are providing a valuable service to the community. The Fire Department supplies your all Personal Protective Equipment, known as PPE, in house training including American Heart Association CPR, and OSHA training, and Firefighter Essentials training at the Westchester Fire Academy in Valhalla. Additional benefits include reduced property tax, NY State tax credit, and potential for pension benefits. 

The Tarrytown Fire Department consists of six fire companies under the direction of the Chief Engineer, 1st Assistant Chief and 2nd Assistant Chief. 

You can choose which company you wish to volunteer for. Some things to consider when selecting which company to join:

  • Location – Where and when are you most likely to respond? From your home or work location in Tarrytown or the Tarrytown Fire Protection District (surrounding villages)?
  • Meeting Nights – Companies have different schedules for their meeting nights (you do not have to attend all meetings).
  • Drill Nights – Companies have different schedules for their drill nights (you do not have to attend all drills).
  • Specialization – Companies perform some specialized tasks due to the specific nature of the equipment that their apparatus carries.

Thank You for Your Interest!